Superuse Studios


In this contemporary clothes store the ritual of fitting clothes is literally put on a stage. In the space between the two entrances we’ve placed an piece of furniture containing three fitting rooms, a large mirrorspace with a bench and a space with displays.
When a customer walks from one entrance to the other he will see the whole shop.
The ceiling, walls and floor of the surrounding space are kept the way they were, which was bare concrete. The piece of furniture is the most present.
The fitting rooms are shaped to fit the movements one makes while changing; a bench to sit on with a small support to put your feet when changing shoes.
The support of the bench extends in such a way that it forms a circle which is the maximum you could reach when stretching. The whole piece is made from ribs of multiplex that are covered with flexible triplex, except the floor and benches which have a covering of rubber ‘carpet’. To make all this feasible the design is made as modules in collaboration with the contractor. All ribs are milled out of the wood from the 3D drawings we prepared.

Team: Césare Peeren, Jan Jongert

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