Superuse Studios


The Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam asked in 2004 to create an alternative for Rotterdam for the famous ‘Amsterdammertje’.
The principle of 2012Architects was not to design a new one, but to find a suitable alternative at a car-breaker that would live up to the tough demands. Pretty soon it became clear that consumer vehicles do not have parts that are transformable to such a traffic pole. We found out that to stop cars you need trucks. After an intensive inventarisation six types were studied for possible application.
The local availability, price, amount of actions to transform and programmatic demands that were set for the Feyenoordje led to the final choice. The drive shaft is the most suitable candidate. After a treatment of abrasive blasting and thermal spraying the part that is above ground can be sealed and varnished. The remaining 30cm below ground will be cast in concrete based on ecocement. Every drive shaft will be delivered with a piece that can be slided on top. With specific fittings the drive shafts can be turned into elements to organize urban space besides their functions as traffic barrier.

Team: Césare Peeren, Jan Jongert, Joep de Groot

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