Superuse Studios

Rescaled – Extension of a house

The main goals of this closed veranda were to get more light into
the house, more interior surface and a better connection between
the house and the garden. It is designed in perfect harmony with
the existing building. The extension is lower where it touches the
neighbouring gardens and heightened where it connects to the
existing ceiling. Due to these variations the extension becomes
more than a connected box. Thin ecological insulation makes
it possible to extent the walls without any interruption. This
strengthens the spatial entity between the closed veranda and the
rest of the house. Due to the differences in height in the ceiling
there is room for extra windows on the east and west side which let
more light in. The high windows display a bit of the green roofs and
the morning sun and evening sun can come in. The rear façade
is made with hinges so it can be opened completely when the
weather allows it.

Team: Césare Peeren, Edwin Boogaard, Jules Verhoeven, Ivo de Jeu

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