Superuse Studios

BAR Arest

01-03 to 04-05 | 2008 | Rotterdam | The Netherlands

For the exhibition “HAPPENING” in the Dutch Architecture Institute (NAi) 2012Architects designed and built BAR Arest.
In this task 2012Architects was inspired by the possibilities of locally available materials. The leftovers of the installation ‘Behaaglijk Vreemd’ by Wiel Arets, that was located in the same space of the NAi, were perfectly suitable to build with. For the floor plan of the bar even the floor plan of the pavilion was reused. The floor plan has been adapted to the functional demands of the bar and this steered the whole design in one direction. The execution of the design was defined by the supply of waste, matte black MDF , and the constriction that each sheet could only be cut once to make it fit.
This made the realization of the design consistent, while keeping a relation with Wiel Arets’ pavilion.

Team: Césare Peeren, John Bosma, Peter Scheer, Jasper van der Made

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