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For the anniversary of housing company SWZ in Zwolle 2012Architects advised and adapted the original earthship concept to dutch regulations. An earthship is an autonomous building made from discarded car tires filled with rammed earth.
This earthship is the first earthship in the Netherlands and functions as a tea-house with a facilitating zone (bar, toilets, storage, installations) which are separated by theentrance. The spaces are connected with a greenhouse that covers to full south side of the building. From the north the tea-house looks like a small hill that is grown over with herbs which is open on the place of the entrance where car tires keep the ground away. On the south side a crystal like greenhouse is the eye catcher.
The water system of an earthship renders connection to the sewage system absolute. Solar heat is caught in the greenhouses and stored in the mass that is within the insulating layer. In the original earthship concept the steady temperature of the earth is used to stabilize the temperature in the interior climate. On the roof PV cells are installed to generate enough electricity for a normal day.

Team: C├ęsare Peeren, Jeroen Bergsma, Marco Zaccara

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