Superuse Studios


An expressive skin made out of locally re-claimed stainless steel sinks is wrapped around a concrete structure of walls and floors. Unity is created through diversity by making a complex pattern out of sinks of various sizes. By cladding all sides of the building and raising it above the ground the building appears like a shiny bead on an oversized necklace.

Four stacked houses are squeezed into a narrow plot, making the facade twist and bend above the pavement. These shapes form balconies with panoramic views of the street and allow more daylight into the rooms. The slightly bent shape of the wood originally from cable reels creates the curved form, turning this basic element into a gracious architectural gesture.

Comissioned by MVRDV, municipality of Almere, and Amsterdam Housing Association Stadgenoot.  In order to reach a great urban variety within the MVRDV masterplan for the Olympiakwartier in new town Almere, Netherlands 48 of the in total 93 buildings will be designed by 24 different architecture offices from Europe, Japan and America.

Team: Jan Jongert, Jeroen Bergsma, Jos de Krieger, Frank Feder, Loes Glandorff, Louisa Vermoere

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