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Rewind Camping

This story, like other stories of 2012Architecten, starts from some abandoned material, for which incineration shall soon come.
Few discarded windmill blades that ask for a second chance. 2012Architecten found somebody who wants to adopt them and made a design for their new life: a visionary camping for the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium.

The Verbeke Foundation is a ‘kunstenvrijplaats’ where culture, nature and ecology come together: an open air and interactive collection spread over 12 hectares of ‘natuurgebied’.
The composition of the elements is shaped by the sun, water and the predominant traces found on site. The three blades are disposed in a radial order as three sleeping unit. They are supported by a semicircular dike which incorporates the existing ‘Camping flat” by Kevin Van Braak. This way a central space is created that collects all the facilities for the camping.
Cutover pieces of windmill wings are used to create all the camping facilities like compost-toilet, sun-shower, solar-cooker  and compost-heated outside bath.
The potential of the site as well as the potential of the material are used, resulting in a positive impact on the environment.
Only by reusing the windmill blades about 30.000kg of CO2 emissions are saved from being released into the atmosphere.
The camping is a self-sufficient system that needs to be activated by its users. Self-sufficiency is designed as part of the program; something that inspires people to deal with waste and resources on a local level, and to realize the abundance and potential of it.
During a starred summer night spent in the compost-heated spa, people might found out that self-sufficiency can be fun…

Team: Marco Zaccara, Césare Peeren, Arie van Ziel, Anna Brambilla, Edwin Boogaard

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