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2012Architecten have created a new base in Rotterdam for WORM, the institute for avant-garde recreation. The new space is in a former Photo Institute on Witte de Withstraat, the nineteenth century complex on the cultural axis of Rotterdam. The spatial design for the new space takes the main structure of the Photo Institute, makes a cut in the façade and situates this cut piece two meters in front of the façade. This re-placing of a piece of the façade enables a spatial connection to be made between all functions of the building.

Behind the entrance, the main space has three functions; a public area, offices/studios and a house/bar. Each of these functions is identified by an individual materiality.

The concert hall combines reclaimed white/brown cladding with acoustic wall and ceiling panels from an Indonesian Airlines Airbus, orange airplane chairs and recycled airport lamps, to create an exceptional kind of “Nouveau Chique” look.

In the shop and foyer, rolling photo archive cabinets, found in the basement and previously used by the Photo Institute, have been reused as furniture and seating. Visitors to the bar soon discover their seats are mobile, and can be used to facilitate different kinds of social encounters.

Team: Césare Peeren, Jos de Krieger, Jeroen Bergsma, Frank Feder, Coen de Koning, Floris Schiferli, Arie van Ziel

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  1. ard bannink


    Beste Cesare Peeren: ik ben enorm onder de indruk. Werkelijk heel knap, wat hier tot stand is gebracht !
    Geweldig. Heb ook met veel plezier geluisterd naar uw inleiding in Las Palmas ter gelegenheid van de VKG Architectuurprijs. Verfrissend is het allemaal. Ard Bannink.

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