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Cocasa is a design for a restaurant and a meeting place for kids and grown up. It is located at the edges of Amsterdam’s city center, in an area where the city dissolves into nature. The building is round and has a water patio in the center: a 360ยบ donut where the different segments supply the program with shelter, water, energy, food and waste treatment. The building is designed in a way that all this flows stay as much local as possible: depending on the amount of terrain and budget available, the building will be partially or completely self-sufficient.
Cocasa is a self-sustaining urban cell, which can dictate a new growth scenario for an area of the city which is waiting for (sustainable) redevelopment.
Team: Jan Jongert, Marco Zaccara, Jos de Krieger, Pedro Maicas
Project initiators: Janneke Verwey, Marije van Zomeren

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