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Eamescape @ Vitra Museum

12-06 to 02-09 | 2012 | Weil am Rhein | Germany | for SALE/RENT

When we started our cooperative project with Vitra the obvious first question we asked is ‘what kind of design waste do you have?’
The strict quality control standards of Vitra turn thousands of well designed cast aluminium parts from Eames chairs into waste for small defects in the chrome finish.
A second design waste stream is formed by colour changes of plastic chairs: Pantone chairs, and the famous Eames A-and S-shells.
During the moulding of the plastic chairs in the production process the colour is shifted to start a new line of chairs in a new colour. In this little gap of changing colour the chair will have a combination of the old and the new colour which results in a psychedelic hippy versions of the product.
Even though the chairs were designed in the sixties this colourchange is not desirable. And because the two coloured plastic chairs can not be recycled… so they are destroyed.

We decided that the colour changes are desirable collectors items in itself and started working with the cast aluminium frames. Three of these ergonomically shaped backrest-frames could be combined into ‘triangles’. By combining triangles a spacious frame was designed which turned into a landscape with a multifold functionality. By cladding the frame with left-over slats of oak, beech and ash wood a sit-lounge-dine-play-sleep landscape was build: the Eamescape.

Positioning the Eamescape under one of the cherry trees opposite the museum of Gehry, and with a good view on the Ando and Herzog de Meuron buildings attaches the object firmly to its surroundings.
Since the opening of the Eamescape it’s in use by visitors of the Vitra design museum and is considered a succes.
The amount of waste used to build the Eamscape allows us to build similar objects in center courtyards and gardens of all important public buildings of Europe.

Team: Césare Peeren, Floris Schiferli, Constanze Buckenlei, Benjamin Stainier, Max and Pieter de Jong.

This project is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

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