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New office name

Dear friend,

The time is now: 20/12/2012 20h12′
For 2012Architecten this is the moment to say goodbye to the name of the office we launched exactly 15 years ago.

Although the name has gained enormous credit we felt that the wide variety of activities 2012Architecten is involved in asked for a new name. We recognise that your personal or professional efforts, have contributed to the credits.

We take this opportunity to thank all of our relations: The work of 2012Architecten could not have been possible without the visionary and inspiring clients that allowed us to realise our portfolio. We also thank the sponsors that supported the research and development into expanding and testing the concepts we developed. Many thanks also to our suppliers, collaborators and organisations we worked with for your cooperation; working with an innovative architectural office sometimes demands innovative solutions and we are grateful for your investment in our relationship. We especially want to acknowledge more than 70 people that dedicated months and sometimes years of their professional work to our studio.

This is not the end! Our activities and our team are gathered under a fresh new name: Superuse Studios. In Superuse Studios we found a name that expresses the leading strategy of our work. The blue colour of our logo is consciously chosen as we consider our activities to be contributing to the Blue Economy that we see emerging around us.

In the past months we have been preparing our transformation with a couple of new projects that we would like to invite you to try out:, a completely refurbished interface around the vast archive of projects that has been collected in the past six years. Early spring 2013 we will launch as an extension to this platform. An online marketplace, providing availability and information about waste materials. is accompanied by an extensive sample collection that allows designers to touch and feel the products that we have found resources for. Last but not least we reorganized our company website showing our past work in a way we think is much more accessible.

If we take a look at the challenges in the blue future ahead we predict the years to come will be at least as exciting as the past.

Best Wishes for 2013 from the Superuse Studios team:

Jeroen Bergsma, Jan Jongert, Césare Peeren, Jos de Krieger, Floris Schiferli, Andrea Prins and Karola van Rooyen

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