Superuse Studios


Superuse Studios collects and shares knowledge continuously. By building open source platforms that allow users to connect available flows we are offering the tools to help build a more connected society.


Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli

  The Blue Economy LinkedIn Group is of support to everyone contributing to the development [...]

superuse is an online community of designers, architects and everybody else who is interested in [...]

Adviespraktijk Gebouwen

Adviespraktijk Gebouwen

Adviespraktijk Gebouwen is a new multidisciplinary company with 20 specialists on redeveloping vacant buildings . [...]

oogstkaart-featuredĀ is an online platform for designers, architects and other reusers.

Eetbaar Rotterdam is an online platform for the “Society Edible Rotterdam”, promoting and supporting urban farming.


A cyclifier is a building or a spatial entity that enables or facilitates a new [...]

INSIDE flows is an open platform to exchange knowledge on flows applied in interior design. [...]


Proposal for strategic redevelopment by shortcutting urban flows.